Lithograph of newly-build Willard Asylum, c. 1870
Arial photograph of Willard Psychiatric Center before demolition of Chapin Hall, c. 1980.
Early photo of Chapin Hall, c. 1870
Hadley Hall, abandoned, c. 1995
Postcard of Hadley Hall, c. 1920
Railroad tracks, newly expanded residential “cottages,” c. 1920
Chapin Hall, with doctors and their wives, c. 1880
Steamship at dock on Seneca Lake, c. 1870
Patients cutting hay at Willard, c 1915
Patients cutting alfalfa at Willard, c 1915
Patients working at road construction, c. 1915
Patients haying, with horse wagon, c. 1915
Patients doing construction work, c. 1915
Map of Willard State Hospital and grounds, c. 1925