The late Pearl Johnson, former Secretary, National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy (NARPA).
Unidentified protestor at American Psychiatric Association conference.
Celia Brown, president, Mindfreedom International, and Sally Zinman, former executive director, California Network of Mental Health Clients.
Robert Whitaker, author, Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic.
Sonia Klaar, former NARPA vice-president
Leah Harris and other activists at protest against Treatment Advocacy Center
Former NARPA President Ron Bassman and Laurie Ahern, President, Disability Rights International
Laura Van Tosh and other activists at protest in Washington, DC
Long-time Philadelphia activist Jackie McKinney
Unidentified protestors
Peter Stastny, MD
Laura Prescott (right), and unidentified woman at rally
Long-time activists from California, Leonard Roy Frank and Kristina Yates
The late Judi Chamberlin and Darby Penney, general troublemakers
Derrick Fort, CT and George Badillo, NY
David Oaks, founder and executive director, Mindfreedom International
Laura Ziegler, long-time activist and NARPA board member