Bibliography of First-Person Narratives of Madness in English, 5th edition, (pdf)
By Gail Hornstein

Madness Network News
Activist and Movement Historian David Gozalez has scanned every issue of this historic publication from the 1970s-80s and made them available for sale as ebooks and hard-copy bound volumes.

Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto

History of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Survivors

Peter Beresford on the need for a survivor-controlled museum of madness

The Danvers State Memorial Committee, a group of ex-patients, successfully worked to restore the patient cemeteries at the now-closed Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts. The site has links to other cemetery restoration information.

In Our Own Voice: African-American Stories of Oppression, Survival and Recovery in Mental Health Systems (pdf)
By Vanessa Jackson

The Disability History Museum promotes understanding about the historical experiences of people with disabilities by recovering, chronicling, and interpreting their stories. The site is home to a searchable, theme-based digital collection of documents and images drawn from public and private collections around the country.

Virtual museum exhibit on the Disability Rights Movement, Smithsonian Institution

Before Auschwitz: The Nazi Extermination of People with Disabilities (Real Audio)
Produced by Darby Penney

Before the extermination of Jews in concentration camps, the Nazis first created a highly organized operation which killed over 350,000 people with disabilities, primarily mental disabilities. This story is told through the first-person accounts of an American soldier who liberated one of the killing centers and a woman who survived -as well as by two scholars of psychiatric history.